Why a lawyer?

Why a lawyer?

It is unfair to believe everything we hear about lawyers, some of it might not be true.

Gerald F. Lieberman

People often think they will never need a lawyer. After all “a lawyer is only required if you break the law”, and we all are good and law abiding citizens, are we not?

All this is based on a very much fixed and definite idea of what lawyers really can do for you and of when or in which circumstances you may enter into a kind of legal relationship which at some point may need of legal assistance.

99,99% of these legal relationships do not require any kind of legal help, for instance when you buy something in the local supermarket you get into a legal relationship. You buy a loaf of bread, you pay the price, this means a purchase contract is established. If you fail to pay, the owner of the supermarket could denounce you, if the owner of the supermarket gets his money but fails to give you the bread, or if the bread has some kind of problem, you could denounce him...

Most people don’t like to recognise that at some point they may need a lawyer. People like to think of themselves as being able to cope with their own problems and don’t like to acknowledge that they need help.

It’s odd though that this idea does not exist when you talk about consulting a doctor, or another kind of professional, such as an electrician or a plumber... 

This webpage is about buying a property in Spain.

Most people when they first come to Spain do not know the Spanish law. They don’t know how to deal with the purchase of a property, about the tax you have to pay on the purchase, and how to get a proper survey of the dream house they are about to buy.

€300.000 on the purchase of a property, but they will not spend a couple of thousand euros on making sure that the property is correctly registered and the purchase goes smoothly. They probably are not aware of the risk they run leaving the whole operation in the hands of their well meaning but not always competent real estate agent.

Assisting a purchaser with the legalisation of his dream house goes beyond preparing a purchase contract, getting his NIE number and take him to the notary. 

That developed an apartment building with a planning permission for four floors just added another floor...

Fortunately all this is part of the past.

This means that in the last decades many of those “smart” builders have had to close the company and many people in town halls that allowed for such practices to happen also have had to pay (in prison or otherwise).

But this also means that we – lawyers – now often have to deal with a pre-existing not completely correct situation. Like for instance descriptions in property register and/or tax register that do not coincide with reality, houses that were build at the time without a proper licence. 

It’s our job to correct all those mistakes made in the past and avoid problems in the future.

Black money has disappeared. And a competent lawyer will – before you sign anything – make sure that all is correct. And if it is not quite correct (which is often the case), he will take care that whatever has to be adapted will be done so before you go any further. You will find that the money spend on a proper survey is worth every cent.

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Annemarie Bakker


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