Great interest in homes in rural areas

Great interest in homes in rural areas

Now that the holiday in Spain is almost over, the suitcases are unpacked, the desks and screens in the real estate offices are being cleaned again and we are looking at what new offers have come onto the market and which projects have been sold in August 2022. What is remarkable is the great interest in the homes located in the countryside (Campo) a few kilometers from the Mediterranean coast. Given the high price level on the coast, new home seekers opt for a (more affordable) second home or holiday home between 10 and 40 kilometers from the coast. Recent research conducted by Casa Casa has shown that a large percentage of the homes sold in the Costa Blanca are not on the coast.

Home seekers from Belgium, the Netherlands and the Scandinavian countries have really discovered the Spanish interior, where tranquility prevails, Spanish life can be felt and there is almost no nuisance from tourism. As an example, we can report here that in the Province of Alicante a large stream of home seekers have discovered places inland. The Spanish cities such as Elda and its hinterland, with its beautiful villages and towns, such as Pinoso , Monovar, Jumilla, Yecla and Abanilla are very popular.

Housing offer in the countryside of Alicante

Real estate agents who work in the coastal towns and who, in collaboration with local real estate agents, look for a home in the countryside, appear to be very successful with satisfied customers. They buy an equivalent home in this region that they would normally have bought on the coast for less money. For example, there are plenty of opportunities inland to buy older houses, which are relatively cheap, but need to be renovated. The advantage of this is that, due to the relatively low purchase prices, buyers have sufficient budget left to have a home fully meet their needs and ultimately it is much cheaper than a home on the Mediterranean coast. In addition to existing homes, there are also plenty of opportunities to purchase a building plot inland. In contrast to the coastal regions, building plots of 2,500 m2 or larger are sold inland.

Casa Casa recently entered into a partnership with the real estate agent to increase the promotion of properties in the countryside in Alicante. View the housing offer of this real estate agent and make an appointment to view a rural house or beautiful building plot.

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